Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Goals for #OOE13


Here's a little bit about me:

My name is Andrea Wilson Vazquez, and I am a Technology Integration Specialist at a STEM elementary school.  This is my first year in my position as a TIS, however this is my 4th year at my school.  Prior to this year, I was an ELL teacher for about 5 years.  I still work as an ELL teacher two nights per week in an adult basic education program.  My passions include learning, researching, collaborating, ed tech, traveling, and kayaking.  I have participated in one other MOOC: Mapping with Google in June, 2013 - I loved the experience and couldn't wait to find another MOOC to participate in.
I love to learn and am always on the look out for new learning opportunities, especially around educational technology and collaboration with other educators.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I came across #OOE13 - Open Online Experience, 2013 - a year-long open, online course focused on technology integration in education.  Each month, we are going to discuss, connect and collaborate on a different ed tech topic.

Blogging is a part of the coursework in #OOE13 because it provides a space for reflecting on ideas and experiences, and serves as a platform for connecting with other educators who may have similar ideas and experiences.  Although I am not a first time blogger, I am hoping that my involvement in this course helps me to become more consistent with blogging to increase my web presence with my new blog.

As a part of our synchronous session last week, we watched a cool video called Success in a MOOC:

In this video, Dave Cormier discusses 5 key steps to successful participation in a MOOC:

The purpose of this blog post is to declare my goals for myself through this course:
  • I want to become a more consistent blogger.  Instead of posting 1x/month, I want to increase my blogging to 2x/month (or more!).
  • I am excited to connect with other educators involved in technology integration, and hope to grow my PLN through this course.  One way I plan to do that is by participating in synchronous sessions, through Twitter, and by commenting on other #OOE13 participants' blog posts.
  • I would like to share my learning with my staff and others through PD, smackdowns (like this one), and presenting at ed tech conferences.

How about you?  
Have you ever participated in a MOOC?  
Any advice for others who are just starting out in a year-long MOOC?  
Post your comments below.