Thursday, September 11, 2014

All About Me

This post corresponds to day #10 of the +TeachThought 30-day blogging challenge, focused on reflective teaching through blogging.  Interested in joining the challenge?  It's not too late! 

Five random facts about me:

  • I'm an ideas person and I love projects.  One of my latest projects was turning a $10 garage sale bookshelf into a gem:

  • My favorite sport is volleyball. Some of my favorite memories from my mid 20s include playing on a volleyball team with my dad and my sister.
  • I love to laugh!  I find that having a sense of humor about life makes so many things more enjoyable :)
  • I love to learn. Wait, there's a new MOOC on coding?  I'm in...  Oooh, watching countless YouTube videos on different sewing techniques?  Done...  Did you say there's a new Twitter chat for teachers?  Just tell me when and where...  Learning new things is energizing for me. It renews my passion and excitement for teaching, and so I am always striving to learn, collaborate, and share!
  • I teach adult ELL classes two evenings a week, and love it.  The students are incredible, the other teachers I work with are great, and teaching adults is really fun!  

Four things on my bucket list:
  • Going on a sea kayaking trip around Baja California, Mexico.  
    This picture is from a kayaking trip my husband and I took on Lake Superior.
  • Design, code, and publish an app.  
  • Travel to all 7 continents (they let tourists travel to Antarctica, right?!).
  • Enter a piece of artwork into the MN State Fair (photo? sewing project? something!).

Three things I hope for this year:
  • More opportunities for students and teachers to learn and try coding.
  • We (my school) will continue to innovate and integrate through our STEM content, coming up with new, exciting, and authentic learning opportunities for students.
  • Finding more of a balance between work and home.

Two things that made me laugh or cry as an educator:
  • Laugh: hanging out with kindergartners on their first day of school.  And I quote, "I'm 5 years old," "I lost a tooth," "She rides my bus," "My shoes have lights on them," "My dog's name is Scruffy," "My favorite animal is a cheetah," "I'm hungry now,"....... all in the span of 2 minutes.  All I could do was laugh!  Their excitement and curiosity are inspiring, and I'm looking forward to my next visit to kindergarten.
  • Cry: seeing how sad some kids are on the last day of school.  We always line up to wave goodbye to all of the buses on the last day, and I always feel a bit choked up thinking about the kids who would rather stay in school all year.  

One thing I wish people knew about me:
  • I think I come up with my best ideas when walking.  Want to brainstorm?  Let's walk and talk!  (I think it has something about increased amounts of oxygen and a change of scenery...?)